3 Interior Color Palettes Inspired by Iconic Films

Filmmaking and interior design are both distinguished in the arts although there is a massive distinction between the two. However, despite the complete difference between the two art forms, it can be said that incorporating one into the other isn’t quite far fetched. Filmmaking requires a creative team that come up with the beautiful sets where scenes are filmed. For scenes shot in home or establishment interiors, interior design is incorporated to create sets that enable filmmakers to tell a compelling story. In interior design, visual cues from films can be taken as inspiration for design components such as the color palette. In this article, we take a look at the color palettes from different iconic films that can be incorporated in your next interior design project. As a special mention, the best possible way to incorporate these color schemes is through seamless, durable and solid epoxy flooring.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

We can easily pack this article with films from visionary director Wes Anderson but we want for the sake of variety. Wes Anderson’s films are a gem to the world thanks to his exceptional talent in visual storytelling. For this article, we feature Wes Anderson’s 2014 film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is easily one of the most recognizable Wes Anderson Classics. The excellent choice of color in this film makes intelligent use of warm, neutral and cool tones. Muted tones such as pastel blues and pinks are counteracted by vivid hues of red, purple and yellow. These colors are excellent for decor, furniture and even wallpaper.

The Godfather

It’s hard to argue when it’s said that acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film The Godfather is a notable masterpiece. The film was adapted from a book of the same name by Mario Puzo. It has all the elements of a compelling story. Visually, the film isn’t the most striking among others. However, the dominating warm colors that appear in multiple scenes of the movie adds a certain charm to it.

It’s quite ironic how warm colors appear throughout such a dark film. It’s that same contrast that makes it visually appealing. Varying shades of browns, reds, oranges, and yellows are excellent for decorating for a vintage aesthetic. The use of wood for interior flooring or furnishing is also a great way to apply this color scheme in your home’s design.

Edward Scissorhands

This film is one of distinguished director Tim Burton’s many visually satisfying creations. Burton is known for his dark and peculiar interpretations. The visual storytelling of Edward Scissorhands begins and ends darkly. In between the story, pastel shades dominate the color scheme.

These pastel shades appear in the suburban neighborhood where the scenes take place. These captivating pastel hues are never out of style. It adds softness to home interiors for a safe comfortable and dreamy space. One must only be careful of not veering towards the “Kitsch” side.

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