Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation Ideas for Home Areas

When it comes to design and style, metallic epoxy floors can take the look of home areas to new heights. Imagine the pleasure of walking on a smooth seamless floor with a lustrous high-shine finish. Metallic epoxy floors add that coveted luxurious ambiance displayed in the modern homes of the rich and famous. Without burning a hole in your pocket, by the way. Pair it with minimalist interior decor to create a sleek and lavish look for your own home. In this article, we give you inspiring metallic epoxy floor installation ideas for the different areas in your home.


Living Room

In modern home design, less is absolutely more. Gone are the days when ornate decorations cluttered living rooms. Now it’s all about a bright, spacious and elegantly simple atmosphere. Glossy flooring can be the focal point of the living room as it is accentuated by furniture and lighting.
Light gray metallic epoxy blended with a smokey effect is the perfect neutral canvas for an airy and delicate ambiance. A marbled effect is another option for added charm and grandeur. Metallic epoxy can be made to mimic the look of polished marble without the hefty price that comes with it.

metallic epoxy floor bathroom


It’s time you replace those lifeless ceramic tiles on your bathroom floor that makes it drab and boring. Metallic epoxy floors isn’t just a way to improve the look of your bathroom. It also merits functional qualities like impermeability to liquids and effortless cleaning.
Swirls of shimmering silver pigment against a brilliant blue base color make a great combination for metallic epoxy bathroom floors. This mimics the movement of crisp blue water to keep the design cool and classy.

metallic epoxy floor kitchen


A kitchen floor can be quite demanding. It needs to withstand stains, spills and constant foot traffic while being easy to maintain. If you’re worried about compromising the visual aspect of your floors in order to prioritize function, there’s no need to be. The versatility of metallic epoxy allows you to get the most use out of your floors.
Warm colors evoke feelings of warmth and comfort that are complementary to the atmosphere of the kitchen area. A rich brown copper color for your metallic epoxy floors is the best way to achieve that.

metallic epoxy garage floor


Garage floors have got to be the most demanding in the household. Not only does it endure chemical stains and regular foot traffic it is also worn out by heavy vehicle traffic. In modern home design, plain polished garage floors have been replaced by epoxy flooring. Metallic epoxy gives garage floors a coat of vivid color and texture to make it look as lively as it is durable.
Just because it’s the garage doesn’t mean it should be left out when it comes to aesthetics. Metallic epoxy floors with a wash of gunmetal gray with 3-dimensional crater textures is a tasteful way to go.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Basement


Whether or not you’re considering to convert the basement into a living space, metallic epoxy is the best choice for basement flooring. Basements are usually prone to must and moisture. Epoxy coated floors help in reducing this because of its waterproof feature. It also makes your basement floors easy to clean and maintain even after neglecting it for a while.
For metallic epoxy basement flooring, go for a deep crimson color. Using deep striking colors is a bold choice that adds drama to an otherwise dreary basement. Throw gold shimmering pigment into the mix for an air of opulence

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