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What is flake epoxy coating? Epoxy flake flooring Louisville is a coating applied over a concrete slab. It can result in various textures (i.e., coarse or fine) and blends. This flooring is perfect for owners whose priority is enhancing their homes’ aesthetics. Get affordable, world-class built floors without limiting your design choices.

Aside from its wide selections, this also offers more benefits compared to other floorings. Have your business increase value with seamless, durable floors.

Uncomplicated and Customizable

Unlike installing tiles, flake epoxy requires lesser tools and workforce. So, applying this coating onto the concrete is easy.

But do you know what’s easier? Hiring professionals to perform this epoxy coating.

The simplicity of epoxy flake chips does not mean it has a bland look. Quite the contrary, this epoxy flooring consists of decorative flakes. During the mixture’s liquid form, the fragments or paint chips are scattered in. The finished product gives you a natural and mosaic-like appearance. Have a high-end floor finish that replicates other expensive floor types.

Durability with Style

These multi-colored chips are not only for versatility. More importantly, these marks enable slip-resistance.

This dual-purpose epoxy flooring attracts residential garages, kitchens, and basements. It also conveys perfection to commercial spaces (e.g., showroom, lockerroom, and reception areas).

Make your concrete floors look gorgeous and add flakes for safety with epoxy Louisville! Call anytime at (502) 694-1042.

Rest assured that we have your budget in mind! We base our FREE QUOTE on estimated material costs in Kentucky.

Experience superior resin floor installations with us, your new partner.
A lot can go wrong with DIY projects. For important projects such as flooring, it is wiser and better to let the experts serve you. We offer floor inspection, application, and maintenance.

Instead of getting your hands dirty due to complications, let us, Epoxy Kings Louisville, get it done for you. Not only will you be problem-free. Be free from stress now and in the future. Receive an affordable, high-quality, and pleasing flake epoxy.

Choosing us means choosing a contractor with proven performance and tested credibility in epoxy flooring.

See what we can do for you. If your concern is about epoxy floors, then get in touch with us and our representative will get back to you shortly for a free no obligation quote.
Epoxy Kings Louisville is a local company specializing in epoxy resin installations for commercial and residential floorings. We are dedicated to providing the community our professional services as a statement of enduring quality.
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