Adding Color to Your Home with Decorative Epoxy

metallic epoxy floor kitchen

Nothing brings home interiors alive like a splash of bright vivid color. It adds personality and charm to an otherwise drab and boring space. It also allows a homeowner to express their own creativity and style. There are a number of ways in achieving colorful interiors. One can paint the walls, go for colorful tiles or opt for furniture in different hues. If you want to go for something unique and absolutely eye-catching, decorative epoxy flooring is your answer. In this article, we give you ideas on how to add color to home interiors with decorative epoxy.


What used to be known for being used in industrial floors is now the flooring of choice for homeowners and interior designers. People are going crazy for the industrial-grade durability and many design options of epoxy flooring. Over the past decade, this floor option slowly made its way into homes through garages and basements.

Epoxy floors are a striking design statement that will leave anyone in absolute awe. One of the biggest trends in epoxy flooring today is going for a solid color all throughout. This plays especially well when you want to keep other interior elements in the neutral or minimalistic side. Trending colors for this include muted yellows and tiffany blues.


Epoxy countertops are as gorgeous as they are artistic. You may have already encountered these on your news feeds. Videos of woodwork countertops incorporating epoxy resin are surfacing all over social media. And for good reason, seeing the resin being poured into the gaps between woodwork is oddly satisfying and relaxing. Watch these till you see the end result and you’ll find yourself wanting it for your home interiors.

A marbled effect can also be achieved with countertop epoxy. Pair this with a ‍high-shine finish for a luxurious effect. Your installer can give your countertops a distinct effect that you won’t find anywhere else. Colors can also be combined and metallic pigment adds a beautiful sheen to it.

Paired with the right design choices and some seriously good taste, epoxy can help you achieve your dream home interiors. All with the help of a licensed and skilled professional of course. If you want to know more about what you can achieve with epoxy floors, visit our home page. Interested in related articles? Feel free to read through our blog for more interesting stuff on epoxy coatings.

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