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Get the best of the epoxy flooring today! The colorful variant of chip epoxy flooring Louisville KY is twice durable as your regular epoxy. The chip vinyl flooring enters today’s scene to make beautifully crafted epoxy floors at every turn! 


The chip epoxy floor coating enhances the concrete floorings among commercial and industrial properties. Residential areas, too, are after the colorful decorative coatings that add aesthetic value to any property. At Epoxy Louisville KY, we will install decorative flooring solutions to your business spaces in just a day!


If you want a cost-efficient way to remodel your properties, especially your business spaces, garages, and industrial facilities, call us today. Learn more about the chip flooring designs and solutions for you!

Chaotic to Colorful: Colors & Designs to Choose from

What is chip epoxy? Pieces of vinyl that comes in small chip sizes are added to the epoxy floor coatings. You can also choose the chip metallic minerals as the additives to produce a metal-like sheen to your concrete floors. Chip floor epoxy coatings combine the strength of durable concrete materials, resin, and cementitious minerals.


The additives of vinyl and microparticles from rocks and sand make the floor coating denser. The result is super tough concrete flooring. This is why chip epoxy floors find their use in areas with constant heavy foot traffic. This flooring system best suits commercial garages, showrooms, retail spaces, and functional rooms in various business areas.

garage chip epoxy floor
chip garage epoxy floor

The difference of Chipped Damaged Floor Vs. Colorful vinyl Chip Floors

The epoxy floor coatings with paint chips or flakes and vinyl additives in them do not only make the floors last for a long time. The color variants and combinations you can use with chip and flaked paints will bring out stunning work of art on the concrete spaces under your feet.

This is the type of floor that creates perfect garage areas. Its durable results make excellent resistance to chemicals, stains, grease, and impacts from falling heavy tools.


Before, property owners often get troubled by chipping on the concrete floors. Chipping happens when the coating wears down. The heat from machines and the UV rays from the outdoors creates a brittle polymer coating.


Garage areas will suffer from peeling concrete surfaces and damaged floors. These issues happen due to a poorly applied floor coating.


From this limitation and weakness comes innovation. Epoxy floors give birth to the most creative and innovative design, and variant there ever is. The chip epoxy floor comes to turn the chaotic, messy flooring issues into a beautiful accent and design.


How can you have the best chip colors and designs in your properties?

Chip Designs for Chipped Floors

Only expert epoxy contractors can create masterfully crafted chip flooring. The epoxy floor coating produces seamless surfaces. Polished floors that last can quickly turn-up in your spaces if you get your local contractor to do the job for you.


Chip epoxy floors are fast and easy to install, following these basic steps:

1-Floor Preparation


Decorative epoxy floor coatings can be applied over a new concrete floor or an existing epoxy on the flooring. The first step in every flooring job is to prepare the surfaces. The slabs will be polished first. For an existing layer of epoxy, the old coating needs to be scrapped or sanded. 


Know the ways an expert will carefully sand or grind and clean the surface. If you are not sure who to do this process, you need to call on the experts. Find a local epoxy contractor near you. Our team will be glad to get in touch with you!

2- Mixing the Epoxy Coating 


A base layer of epoxy will coat the entire concrete surface. This is the first coat. With this, you can choose what color will be used as the main motif of the design or pattern you want. 


If you got epoxy in your commercial spaces, you might want to upgrade it with new styles or enhance its colors. Or go for an innovative chip or flake floors. The step for you is to prepare first the epoxy surface. Put a prime coat. Next is to apply a design coat. 

3- Applying Design Coat 


The part A epoxy resin mix will be added with vinyl or paint chips. Chip or flake epoxy flooring is achieved by pouring the small additives of paints, resin, or vinyl chips over the prime coat. The standard chip design can either be coarse or fine blends. Microchips that come in the powdered form will give you a more refined texture. 

Garage Floor Paint and Chip Designs to Choose

Garage floors, commercial spaces, and moderately-heavy industrial facilities with heavy foot traffic will reap great benefits. Work with chip paints and flakes and other garage multi-flooring systems to remodel your properties.


Or opt for a completely new look with chipped designs. Take a preview of chip paints and other variants to color your garage floors.


Chip and flakes are broadcasted over the prime coat vinyl chip. To determine the design you want, check the chipped colors and sizes for you to pick from our products and installation services :


  • Micro- 1/16″
  • Standard – ¼.”
  • Mixed – a blend of micro chips and standard sized chips

Colors and Patterns:

Standard Colors
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Bluish
  • Light broadcast 
  • Medium Broadcast
  • Heavy Broadcast
  • Full Broadcast
  • Stone blends
  • Camouflage blends
  • Fiery Red Blends
  • Quicksilver Blends

There is more in store for you! If you need more color and pattern combinations, have our team of flooring experts, Louisville Epoxy, cater to you! More colors and custom design awaits you! Get your commercial properties dressed with innovative epoxy floor coating systems!

Do it like a pro or go to a pro! Contact us today @ (502) 694-1042! Create color chips to decorate your commercial area, residential interior, and garage! FREE ESTIMATE!

Here at Epoxy Louisville KY, we dedicate our professional service backed-up with years of experience to every local home and business owner! Enhancing and bringing high quality flooring installations throughout Louisville, Kentucky, and areas nearby!

Choosing us means choosing a contractor with proven performance and tested credibility in epoxy flooring.

See what we can do for you. If your concern is about epoxy floors, then get in touch with us and our representative will get back to you shortly for a free no obligation quote.
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