3D Epoxy Flooring Louisville: Designs and Coatings

Epoxy floors resonate with industrial and commercial uses. However, today, epoxy cements its presence among residential properties. This innovative flooring product paves the way for various functional spaces to enhance the area underneath the feet to upgrade with more appeal. A 3D Epoxy Flooring Louisville makes unique, customizable images of decorating the floors. 


Now, you can transform any room into a canvas bearing a masterfully crafted decorative floor. It is a work of art that not only satisfies the eyes but also provides superb functions for busy spaces. 


What is 3D Epoxy Floor?


A 3D epoxy flooring is done with printed images that serve as a design coating to an epoxy-based floor. The image is added to the primer. To emerge a dimensional effect, a sealer is applied as a finishing treatment to the surface. The sealer is either two-component epoxy or clear epoxy or a polyurethane coating. 

All this done together creates an image on the floor that’s emerging into life. The top sealer gives depth to the printed image on a flat surface. Thus 3D epoxy provides endless customization and design possibilities. Create your dream flooring with Epoxy Kings Lousiville!

Produce the design that you have always been aiming for. Here are trending 3D epoxy ideas you can decor anywhere you got concrete floors.


  • Realistic Nature Floors

Print 3D fountains or a starry outer space on your residential floors. Add a scenic view to your bedrooms by decorating the flooring with true-to-life nature images.


  • Oceanic Floors

Create the feel of being under the sea when you install 3D epoxy in your bathrooms. Or walk by the shore in your living rooms with waves from the ocean. 3D epoxy is the best technique to revamp the floors with these images. This can add exciting visuals to your bathrooms or living rooms for a calm and relaxing ambience. 


  • Optical Illusion Floors

There is more to 3D floor designing that you still have to see. If you think that the realistic printed waves and swirling galaxies are a sight of grandeur, then wait till you try optical illusion floors. Only KY epoxy flooring can give you multi-dimensional surfacings.


  • Marble Floors

Be an owner of one of the most exquisite floorings in the industry today. Is it always your dream to have marble as the ground you walk on? Then, 3D techniques with epoxy bring you this. Mixing in more than one epoxy pigment into the final coating will create morphing lines spreading over the surface. The effect looks like marble patterns.

Services We Offer

Now seeing all the fantastic possibilities of 3D decorating your concrete floors, are you ready to try it? Epoxy King Louisville offers you a free quote and estimate of your commercial and residential flooring needs. Get in touch today, and know the options that will be efficient for you.

3D flooring installation

Our company will be the one to bring your decorative dream floors to life. Installing 3D floors can be your next DIY project. However, you can bring your creations to the next step if you got our team of experts to carefully craft your vision into your properties. 

There are three steps to follow during installation that will need your experts’ skills and knowledge.


Step 1- Design – Integral to a successful 3D floor installation is coming up with the design of your choice. What image you like and how will it be laid out on the floor?


Step 2- The right Perspective – You will definitely need the expert’s help in finding the right image perspective. To achieve a realistic, seamless image on the surface, a professional designer and digital print experts will scale the floors’ size and distance and create the perfect perspective of the 3D image to be installed.


Step 3- Preparing the Floor – After you have printed the desired image and taken its correct perspective, then the floors must be prepared. Before any coating covers the floor, its base layers must be cleaned, ground if necessary, and checked for any moisture. The surface before the coating needs to be dry and free from any flaw. Not a tiny hair must fall, or any dust particle should linger.


Repairs & Refinishing

3D epoxy provides long-lasting artistically finished floors. Repairs to a resin- enhanced surface will need an experts’ proficiency. You may need to refinishing an old existing epoxy coating. Since the material has a super adhesive property removing the old coating can ruin the flooring’s base layer. You need the experts to accomplish this job.

How Much 3D Epoxy Flooring will Cost?

With innovative minds and available tools today, one can decide to DIY a 3D floor. However, there’s nothing like masterfully crafted epoxy 3D floors. The result is seamless, sturdy, durable, and high-functioning.


3D flooring with epoxy costs the expert’s skills and lengthy procedures. With a team of professionals like us, rest assured that our system eliminates faulty installations and unpleasant post-installation conditions.


The standard duration for epoxy installation is about 3-7 days. Considering the design, size of the area, and location will vary the total costs. For a general estimate of epoxy installation per square feet, the ranges fall around ten to twenty dollars.

Call us today! So we can get you initial pricing for your flooring solution!

Choosing us means choosing a contractor with proven performance and tested credibility in epoxy flooring.

See what we can do for you. If your concern is about epoxy floors, then get in touch with us and our representative will get back to you shortly for a free no obligation quote.
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